ladyofthemoor (ladyofthemoor) wrote,

Bringing in the Boar

Two cards from yesterday’s spread that summed up my year were funny. The card that I pulled for the study, the area of work was the Seeker of Wands (Knight of Wands). 


Pictured on the card is Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Beside her is a giant balloon, and she is looking at her shoes. Dorothy makes a big journey in the story. Through this trip she gets to know who she is. Last year I started to teach in Amsterdam and I taught two workshops in Belgium, far away from here. So journeys have been important in my work. 

I have drawn Seven of Crystals (Pentacles) for the position of the Bedroom, my restfullness in the past year. 


On the card a gnome lights a candle at an altar. Outside it is freezing. I saw in this card me writing my weblog; often I write in the quiet of the late evening, journaling brings me back to my inner core. Many times it made me feel content and that helped me to fall asleep. I also turned to my blog in those moments when I could not sleep; that helped me as well to get my rest. But now something contradictory. It is freezing on the card. I write at the attic where it is a lot colder than downstairs. Repeatedly I could not sleep for hours really, because I had become too cold to sleep. 
Tags: inner child cards, knight of wands, seven of pentacles, twelve days of christmas 2007

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