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Last year [info]chelsearoad had pulled a card for me for 2007 from the Jane Austen Tarot. She had pulled a card from the only book I had read from Austen back then, Northanger Abbey, which was nice. It was Five of Candlesticks (Wands). 


The scene on the card is that Catherine Moorland stands up against her friends and brother and walks away. They want her to do something which she knows that would be spiritually incorrect, and besides that, is is something she does not want to do. The card is about recognizing and keeping your boundaries. These come into play when conflict in opinion rises or when the expectation of parties involved are conflicting. She said that I would be tested again and again to think about what really mattered to me.

Although boundaries are always a point of concern in my life, this year they were very much a theme, even more than in other years. Especially stand up for and do what really mattered to me was a theme during this past year. I met it in a conflict in my work, which gave me many grey hears; it played also in the amount of work I could handle in combination with my family. I met the card also in my choice of treatment when I was ill which was disputed. Thus, recognizing what really mattered to me and sticking to it, was indeed a topic this year.
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