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Twelve Days of Christmas, Sixth Day, New Years Eve

The spread in the Twelve Days of Christmas for New Years Eve -today- is inspired by the doughnut-balls we are used to eat in Holland on this day. They are fertility symbols.

In this time of year we do many magical things that are meant to invite fertility in our next year. The theme of this spread is fertility. The spread consists of three cards.
Doughtnut-ball Spread
Card 1: What was fertile in the year that is almost past? (Look at the card you have pulled and put it back in the stack. What was fertile might bear fruit again).
Card 2: What will be fertile next year?
Card 3: How can I enhance this fertility?

And yes...I have pulled the same card for what is was fertile this year and will be in the next: Mother Goose (Empress) from the Inner Child Cards. 


This past year my creativity is what bore fruit. I have brought many eggs to the earth, and that is also the outlook for next year. The Child of Hearts (Page of Cups) is the attitude that enhances my creativity (Card 3). 


The girl looks into the house. I can improve my creativity by looking into myself, by recognizing what my feelings are and taking them seriously. I should pick up projects that I really go for, that I really like, and that touch me somehow. The girl on the card is curious and she seems to have a feeling of awe. It would be helpful to keep a sense of wonder about what tarot is and how it works. To me, nourishing is also a theme of this card: there is a nest with eggs and I can see mother bear, father bear and little bear standing on the path towards their house. Mother Goose holds the goose quite tight. On the card of the Child of Hearts is more openness and less obligation. Less pressure would be great.
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