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Spread for the New Year, Light

I have sent a New Years Greeting card with a spread to my friends who are tarot people. The picture was a book illustration by Jan Luyken and on the back was a spread called Light. I’ve done this spread just now.


Card 1: What light guides me in the coming year?
Card 2: What light guides the world in the coming year?

I’ve drawn the World from the Fantastic Menagerie as the light that guides me in 2008. 


The card depicts a dancer. It is a dance that leads me through this year, a dance of joy, a gift of delight.

For the light that guides the world I have pulled the King of Coins. 


The king of Coins is a responsible character, he is a provider, and takes care of his family. Food, drink and a home for all, that is the light that guides the world.  
Tags: fantastic menagerie tarot, king of pentacles, spread, world

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