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Twelve Days of Christmas, Seventh Day, New Years Day

This morning I have lighted a white candle to honor the new year.
The spread of New Years Day in the Twelve Days of Christmas is inspired by the Scottish and Irish custom of First Footing. In those regions the first who sets foot over the threshold tells how the year will be. So who will be setting this first foot is often arranged. Friends are invited to do this. On the first of January we all wish each other luck. By doing that we magically pull luck and happiness towards us. This spread has the same focus

The spread is again, like the spread of December 30, based on the parts of a house. Every part stands for an area in your life. It is basically the same as the spread from December 30, but on this day the question is: what do you want to invite in each room, in all the different areas of your life. When you have pulled and interpret the cards, you can see if there is theme running through them. You can also pull additional cards to get ideas how to make your wishes true.

First Footing Spread
Card 1. Front door: What new do want to invite into your life in this year?
Card 2. Living room: How would you like your home life to be this year?
Card 3. Study: What are your desires in the area of work, study or hobby?
Card 4. Bedroom: What will give you calmness this year?
Card 5. Kitchen: Health: What do you wish for your health this year?
Card 6. Back door: What do you want to let go off this year?
Card 7. Hallways: (connect all the rooms) What would you like to be your main theme of this year?

I have drawn two cards, the first card is Card 1, what new I want to invite in my life. This is represented by the Ace of Crystals (Pentacles). I want to be really proud of what I achieve. And my wish is, that what I achieve is solid as a rock. 


The second card made me laugh. I pulled Mother Goose for the card that signifies what I want to let go off. Mother Goose was the card that I pulled yesterday as the card that represented what was fertile last year, and what will be fertile this year. The card showed the eggs I bring, my projects, lessons, spreads, and workshops: in one word, my creativity. 


There is a slight problem with this card –this is an understatement– the goose is being held so tightly by Mother Goose that it suffocates. Hard to bring eggs while suffocating. The tight grip represents my drive that makes me do all the creative things. That can be quite binding, tiring and stifling. I would gladly loose some of that drive, and instead rest on my spade more often, enjoying the work I have delivered. 
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