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Twelve Days of Christmas, Tenth Day, Feast of St. Distaff

The fourth day in the New Year is called St. Distaff. This saint never existed. A distaff is a part of a spinning-wheel. In pre-industrial times women went to work again after the period of celebrations on their spinning-wheels. Hence they called it the Feast of St. Distaff. On this day we need something to protect us and we need to luck to ourself.

The tarot activity for this day entails fabricating a sachet filled with spices, alongside a spread. Making this is part of the workshop about the Twelve days. There is still cinnamon on the page of the spread in my workbook of the Twelve Days. 


The ingredients of the sachet come from Dorothy Morrison’s book about Yule. Alongside each ingredient is a question, based on its main magical correspondence. The spread consists of four cards.

Sachet for luck
1. Ginger- What attracts money this year?
2. Cinnamon – What attracts love this year?
3. Allspice – What attracts healing this year?
4. Cloves – What protects me this year?

The wonderful thing of making a sachet in a group is, that although everyone uses the same spices, all sachets have another scent.

I have pulled a card for the question what will protect me this year. The card that I received is Four of Swords from the Inner Child Cards. 


Going with the flow, real easy, while having a leading vision in my head (of optimism or hope for example, not a forcing, willfull vision) is what will protect me this year.
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