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Twelve Days of Christmas, Eleventh Day, Eve of Epiphany

The evening of January 5 is a time of mysteries. It is the Eve of Epiphany in The Twelve Days, one of those nights when heaven meets earth. It is the night on which the Three Kings, after following a star for a long, long time, came to the stable and recognized him Jesus as a divine child, bearing the hope of heaven and earth.
Epiphany means heavenly revelation or divine apparition. In an epiphany you become aware of something that you did not know before, or was only half aware of. An epiphany comes from the divine and the message is always something of importance for the one who receives it; it shows him or her a way to go.
The spread that belongs to this day is called “Epiphany Spread”. It is inspired by a spread by Edain McCoy, from her book Past Life and Karmic Tarot. The kernel of this spread is a Epiphany, a divine revelation; a message from heaven. The spread consists of eight cards. The first three cards are showing the events or behavioral patterns that lead to the epiphany. Card 4 shows the epiphany itself. Card 5, 6 and 7 show what you will do with the message you have received in the epiphany, the image that you have seen in it. Card 8 shows the end result.

Epiphany Spread
4 8

At first I had only pulled my epiphany card, but I was so surprised about the card, that I pulled card 1, 2 and 3 as well. The card that I received as epiphany was Seven of Swords from the Inner Child Cards. 


On the card a little boy looks out of the window, while writing. It is a card of detachment, a wandering of the mind and making plans. I was surprised because the next season of lessons and workshop begins; it is not really the time to detach, let the mind run frealy, or just write in my blog. But seeing the first three cards, knowing my numerological card of the year, the Hermit, looking back on the past months, and forward to the next, it would be utterly lovely just to sit, let my mind wander, and do some writing, not feeling so much pressure.

The first three cards that showed the events and behavior patterns that led up to the Epiphany were: Guardian of Hearts (King of Cups), a card of intense emotion. 


Guide of Wands is card 2, this card shows me teaching as the pied piper, an outward going energy. 


Card 3 is Eight of Swords, a card that shows my fears, tension and worries. 


So yes, these cards do make clear that I need some detachment (with a positive outlook). Still, busy weeks ahead! 

The epiphany might also reveal, as a second message.. "Do not worry, just enjoy your preparation of the coming months." I am worried about not having enough time. 
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