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Twelve Days of Christmas, Twelft Night, Epiphany

Today it is Epiphany, the Twelfth Night, the last day of The Twelve Days of Christmas. It is traditionally the day that the Christmas decorations are taken down. I have pulled a card to look back on Christmastime. What did it bring me?

I have pulled Seven of Wands from the Inner Child Cards, the healing card in the deck. 


A little fairy sits in a flower surrounded by seven butterflies representing the chakra’s. It is an inward looking card. In several occasions I came into contact with pain, and often I felt extremely tensed and tired. This is reflected by the card with the lonely fairy in need of healing.

It was a busy time, especially for my husband; many services, managing two conflicts and a funeral on top of it. I often worried about him; it was pretty much altogether. There were nice things as well. What I enjoyed very much was the visit from two friends from America with their daughter. We have the same experiences with combining child and work, and that was great to talk about. My daughter stayed with my mother for two nights and I’ve been to Amsterdam both of them on the third day of Christmas which was a special and also enjoyable occasion for the three of us. Furthermore I have been shopping with an old friend to buy a coat for her father, something we never do together, that was unusual too. All these you could call 'healing' events.
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