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Twelve Days of Christmas, Twelft Night, Epiphany

The Twelfth Night is traditionally the day the Magi present their gifts. Each of the Three Kings has a gift for Jesus which presages something of his life. The gifts from the Kings is what inspired the spread of today. Since it is the last day of the Twelve Days, and from now on the holidays are over, the spread is meant to present ourselves with gifts that help us in the year to come. The spread is called: “The Gifts from the Magi”. There are three cards in this spread.

The first card: “Incense”
Caspar gave incense. Jesus was a divine child. The scent and the smoke of incense travelling upwards helps to connect with the divine. What could be the ‘incense’ in your life? What will connect you with the divine? What will support your spiritual life in the coming year?
I have drawn Ten of Crystals (Pentacles). 


The picture on the card is of a family unpacking presents while the fire is burning. It is a warm yet open atmosphere: the light of the morning comes through the window. First of all, my spiritual life and my connection to the divine will be supported by making my home life sacred, and enjoy the peace, safety and the gift of that. Secondly, the cards in the suit of Crystals are about matter and manifestation. The kids look at their presents –material things – with attention and what the children receive is a surprise to them. I should look for the divine in matter, and be aware of surprises. Probably it would be helpful seeing my own life as precious gift for the world. 

The second card: “Myrrh”
Balthazar gave myrrh. Myrrh was used to balm the dead. This gift suggests Jesus’ coming suffering and death. Myrrh is also a medicine, so it presages us that Jesus would become a healer. The question is about healing: What is your ‘myrrh’ in the coming year? What will help you heal?
The Three Little Pigs came on the table (Judgment). 


Keeping fear outside, and making decisions that are based on what I really long for is wat what my myrryh is in the coming year. Again, by the picture of the house, the theme of home-life is here.

The third card: “Gold”
Melchior gave gold. Gold belongs to Kings, so it suggests Jesus kingship. It is also the most valuable metal. This gift will show you your most valuable instrument that can help you this year. What is your ‘gold’? What is you most valuable instrument this year?

I have pulled Two of Hearts (Cups) as my most precious tool. 


My most valuable instrument is being in connection with another, being close to someone and making contact from heart to heart; reaching out for love and receive it. The dolphins give some playfulness to the card. 
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