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Kabbalah Month by Month

Just before Christmas an interesting book arrived in my mailbox. It is called “Kabbalah Month by Month” by Melinda Ribner. She explains how to deploy the energy of the month to your benefit. The book follows the Jewish months. They are different than the Roman Calendar. They start and finish with Rosh Chodesh, the festival of the new moon. 

The energy of the month that is lying behind us is Tevet. Ribner states that the area of healing is ‘Anger’, and the energy ‘Purification and transformation of Negative Emotions’. I so recognized this. I know anger in many more months, but during this past month there were many conflicts. I was involved in them, but also the people around me did have them. My husband remembered last year it was just the same. The darkest month of the year challenges us to deal with anger and negative energies. I like Ribners positive take on the difficult emotions: she says they challenge us to become stronger. Well, Tevet is lying behind us now, Shevat has begun.
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