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Rosh Chodesh, January

I have drawn a card to celebrate Rosh Chodesh, the Jewish festival of the New Moon. The renewal of the moon each month, its coming, shining and dying, and coming back again, signifies our opportunity to renew ourselves. It also symbolizes God’s opportunity to renew him- or herself. I have asked : What is my renewal in the coming month? The Ace of Candlesticks (Wands) fell out the pack while shuffling, so that will be my card. 


The book Pride and Prejudice is pictured on the card, with a candle standing on top of it. The story of Pride and Prejudice is about growth in self-understanding. The main characters grow in awareness of themselves. As the story enfolds, they get more insight in themselves. You could see that as their inner light that is expanding. The candle on the card represents our inner light, our life-sparkle. Themes of the Ace of Candlesticks are: growth towards self-understanding; growth in fulfillment and in feeling alive; passion and energy. The Aces are always signal new beginnings, or new opportunities, so that is a theme of the card as well.

Looking at the card the redness of the book makes me tired. This month I will be asked to renew my life-sparkle, probably I will have to deal again with my passion that overtakes me many times, and likely I loose and will need to find my energy again.

Maybe because the single candle on the card reminds me of the Two of Wands from the Voyager Tarot with the title ‘Purity’, this card seems to emphasize purity. Purity in following my path, being lit and guided by an inner spark and all the while gaining a clearer awareness of myself. 


I cannot hardly believe it but these are the themes of Candle mass, the Christian and Pagan festival that falls in the beginning of February, at the end of this Jewish month Shevat. I am preparing a workshop for that; this festival is at the core of my thoughts. Candles form the centre of Candle mass.

My prayer for Rosh Chadesh:
Dear God, I bless you for the new moon, 
for the Sjechina, your presence among us.
Dear God, I thank you for the chance of renewal,
the renewal of us and the renewal of You.
Oh God, redeem us from exile. 
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