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The Jewish Month Shevat: Inner Renewal

Today I’ve read in Kabballah Month by Month (Melinda Ribner) about the energy of Shevat, the present Jewish month. It is basically the same energy as the energy of Imbolc/Candlemas. Ribner says: “It may still be the heart of winter in many places, but Shevat marks a hidden and mystical time of new beginnings and rebirth”. This is also the essence of Imbolc. The energy of the month is called ‘inner renewal’. The renewal is not yet apparent, but takes place on hidden and inner levels.

The new beginnings are the seeds in the earth that halfway this month begin to sprout. The challenges in the month that lies behind us, helped to plant our vision deeper in ourselves. They made us stronger so the sprouting can take place during the present month. The task of this month is to go inside ourselves and get in touch with our creativity, opening ourselves to newness and new ideas.

The Jewish Holiday that best represents the energy of this month is Tu B’Shevat, The New Year of the Trees. It takes place at the time of the full moon. The trees do not have any leaves yet, but the promise is that the sap has begun to flow, and that new flowers and fruits will come.

The healing of this month is 'eating'; approriate for this month. I gained weigth, and my belly still hurts from all the food I have eating in the Christmas Season. I need to be careful with what I eat. At a deeper level 'eating' stands for what nurtures us, and for what we (have to) digest emotionally and on the spiritual plane.
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