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Music for Candle Mass

I am up to my ears in music. The workshop about Candle mass ends with a worship service. And to a service belongs music. I’ll use two songs about the goddess Brigitte from the book “Raising children in Goddess Traditions”. My daughter Lauren (11) taught me these songs. She is really good at that. She even said: “Mom, is it American or English? If it is English, you must pronounce it more aristocratic than you do now.” I also listened to all the songs on the website from Taizé. Taizé is a cloister in France where church music is composed; they have put their music for educational use on their site. Many of these songs you can repeat as mantra’s, and they are easy and lovely to sing. Further I chose two songs from Africa. We sing these often in our church. They have a swing, and you can walk on them. We’ll practice the songs during the weekend, so everyone knows them when the service is there. They form a much needed counterbalance to emotionally charged readings. 


To practice the songs -I need to know them beforehand- I bought a treble recorder. It is a cheap, plastic one, but the sound is good. It is really odd, I have not played this instrument for maybe fifteen years. It felt good though. Besides that, it is more than ten years ago that I choose music for a service. And I never, ever stood before group that sung.

On top of all this -in fact before all this- I had a wonderful reading session this morning.
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