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Peddler in Luck

Today I have been to Groningen, a city not far away from here. I went there by bus to attend a market organized by a spiritual centre. The market was organized to make people enthusiast for participating in the courses. I’ll be teaching Psalms and Tarot there. I sat behind a table and I taught a short workshop. It was the first time for me to attend this market. I always have a colorful bunch of plastic flowers on my table at such events. The bunch is much too big for my rucksack. It piles out in a big way “Ah,” my husband said when I left for the bus with my luggage, a rucksack full of cards with the bunch of flowers coming out: “A peddler in luck.”

I went for a coffee in the city beforehand. Two friendly boys served me. It rained and probably I looked tired and lonely – at least, that was how I felt. When I left, going out the door, one of them said: “That bunch of flowers thrusts out to the left, too much really. But it is very colorful”. I thought that was a very sweet remark. When the market was over and I packed to go back home again, I made sure the bunch was more upright in my rucksack.

Someone from the spritual centre whom I’ve met before had seen me walking through Groningen on my way to the centre. The bunch of flowers had made her cheerful. Oh, and I taught about the Fool there today. Very fitting for a peddler in luck.
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