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Presentation of Jesus in the Temple, Card 1

Soon I am having my workshop about Candle mass, and it would be nice if we could do something with the bible story about the presentation of Jesus in the temple. This is the story that is being read in Catholic churches during Candle Mass. The story tells how Maria and Joseph present Jesus in the temple at the first time Maria is allowed to come to the synagogue after she had giving birth. This can be seen as a purification ritual, but I accentuate the presentation of Jesus, also called ‘dedication’. 


It could not think of a anything for a spread, except grave and serious subjects, but soaking in a bath a few days ago I suddenly saw the connection to the time of the year. In the story an old pious man and woman speak of what Jesus will become: what effect his life and deeds will have. Thus, Jesus is seen as a promise in that story, just as the seeds in the earth in February. I took the ´promise´ as the red thread in the spread. I think it is a good thing to think about ourselves as a promise. There are four positions in the spread, all based on characters in the story: Jesus, Simeon, Hannah and Maria. They all respond in a different way to the promise of what Jesus will become.  

The first card that I have read today is based on Jesus in the story and is called: “The promise of who I am”.  

I have drawn Ten of Cups from the Tarot of the Journey to the Orient. 


So I have pulled ‘the happy family card’ again, not for the first time lately. Of course the meaning of the card is not reduced to 'a happy family life'. There are more themes. Pictured on the card is a table with candles on it and people eating a meal. One man brings out a toast. A chicken is brought in and people round the table seem to have a good time. There is much movement in the card. The little white book tells us that it signifies: "convivial and spiritual encounters. Friendship that favor the development of projects".

So, what is the promise of me? The promise is to find happiness and (spiritual) fulfillment in my home life and among friends, or in a group. In second instance the promise might also be that finding happiness and (spiritual) fulfillment might also be what I need to give: to friends, family, and in my working life (which involves developing projects helping people in groups to find fulfillment and spiritual growth). The peddler in luck – or happiness – which was the subject of yesterday comes to mind now, but here the peddler is not lonely. 
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