ladyofthemoor (ladyofthemoor) wrote,

Presentation of Jesus in the Temple, Card 3

Today I have pulled the third card in the spread about story in Luke of the presentation of Jesus in the temple. Today I have drawn the third card, based on the character of Hannah. She is an old woman who had dedicated her life to God. All day she is in the temple, praying. Hannah talked to everybody about the child Jesus and she praised God. The question for the card is: What praise sings Hannah about my promise? The card that I have received is Judgment from the Tarot of the Journey of the Orient. 


I see the angel with the trumpet as Hannah, praising God for the promise of me. What is the praise she sings? She praises God because he has created me so that I could raise up from the dead…and... I cannot go on. Too much praise.
Tags: judgement, tarot of the journey to the orient

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