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Presentation of Jesus in the Temple, Card 4

Today I have picked the fourth and card in the not all too easy spread about Jesus’ presentation in the temple.

There are four positions in the spread, all based on characters in the story: Jesus, Simeon, Hannah and Maria. They all respond in a different way to the promise of what Jesus will become. First a summing up.

The first position is based on Jesus himself: “The promise of who I am”. I have pulled Ten of Cups here. The promise is that I will find happiness and (spiritual) fulfillment in my home life and among friends. In second instance the promise might also be that finding happiness and (spiritual) fulfillment is what I need to give to friends, family, and in my working life.

The second position is based on Simeon the prophet: “What sort of liberation is my promise?” I did pull the Moon here. Bringing clarity, my answer was back then. And now, a few days later I add: trusting my instincts.

The third position is based on Hannah, the prophetess: “What praise sings Hannah to God about me as a promise?” This was difficult to answer. I pulled Judgment. Right now I see it this way Hannah praises God about the fact that I will succeed, that I will I find happiness and fulfillment, dare to bring clarity and trust my instincts.

The fourth position is based on Maria, mother of Jesus. Maria does not speak, but we know from the tradition that she is concerned about her son. The question is: “What is Maria’s concern about my promise?” I have pulled five of Wands. The take on this card is less friendly than the RWS version. 


Maria is afraid that there will be struggle and fighting, dividing opinions because of what I do or say. Strangely it is so, that that is the fear she has Jesus. It is what Simeon tells her: “People will choose for or against”. The card reflects my own fear of bringing clarity (for anger, fear of losing love).

It all is very odd. All the cards, except card 1 seem to respond to the story of the presentation, as well as mine. In the first card you could even see the Last Supper. The cards draw my life into the story as it were. I am curious how the group in the Candlemas workshop will experience the spread, If this happens to them as well. 
Tags: five of wands, judgement, moon, spread, tarot of the journey to the orient, ten of cups

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