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“O Lord our God, grant us grace to desire thee with our whole heart; that so desiring we may seek and find thee; and so find finding thee, may love thee.”
Saint Anselm (1033-1109)
Cur Deus Homo

I’ve picked a card from the Buddha Tarot to the following subject: “The grace I am granted to desire God.” I have pulled the Hermit as a response to this, called the Old Man & the Suddha in this deck. 


Siddhartha –the later Buddha- visits a city four times  Each time he is there, he confronted with sights of sickness and death. One of the sightings is represented by the old man on the card. He did not know how to respond to this, but deep down he knew that he needed to find a remedy for the suffering of the world. On his fourth visit he saw a man in an saffron coloured robe, pictured on this card. He had a begging bowl and a staff. It was a holy man, a sadhu, who had given away his possessions and lived from begging. This was the answer to the problem for Siddharthu. A life of virtue can mean that with old age wisdom comes.

The grace I am granted is living as a human: having a body that knows pain and suffering. To me – I am aware this not Buddhist thought –  that brings me to the desire to be closer to God. It is the challenge to find harmony in it, that brings me closer to to God.   
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