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"Sweet Mercy! to the gates of heaven
This minstrel lead, his sins forgiven;
The rueful conflict, the heart riven
With vain endeavor,
And memory of Earth’s bitter leaven
Effaced forever."
William Wordsworth (1770-1850)
Thoughts Suggested on the Banks of the Nith

I asked: “What is my vain endeavor?” I received Asita – The Seer, the equivalent of the Magician in the Buddha Tarot. 


Asita was a seer and an old man who came down from the mountain where he lived, to examine Siddhartha (the later Buddha). He found the 32 marks and eighty signs that proved that he was a great man. After finding him, he started to cry, because the boy would grow into a Buddha and he would be dead by then.

It is my job to ‘see’: to reflect on cards people pull, and to show a direction that is helpful and liberating. In the end that is a vain endeavor, wanting and desiring to interpret. The interpretation has a lot of me in it, I  mainly show myself, nothing else. There is something vain in that. I cannot but put my personality and subjectivity into it though. I cannot read otherwise. Furthermore, it is not me how must take action, that is the task of the client, at home. Sometimes my interpretation does not take hold, nothing is done with it. Then it is in vain. 
I think it would be great to take the red garment off, and sit back a bit more. 
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