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Green Tara

I have a big book with spiritual quotations. It is old, from 1983. It gives me peace to search for a quotation, or even better, take one randomly and pick a card about it. Today I have worked with one that I chose randomly.
“Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.”
The Old Testament, Jeremiah 33:3

The theme for my card was simple, I said: “I call,” and I pulled a card. I received Tara – The Sakti of Double Varjas (Queen of Cups). 


This is the Green Tara; she has sister aspects with other colors. Green Tara is compassionate, she has seven eyes on her body through which all energy flows freely, and she carries us across the river of birth and death to Nirvana. 


These are all great things for me – especially this flow of energy instead of cramping muscles, and my habit of holding on the angriness. There is another thing, but that is incoherent, I do not get a grip on it. I just write it down, maybe it comes back later in time.

This night I had a dream. A playful, but big and dangerous bear caught me and put its paw in my neck while I was lying on the ground. The moment I surrendered myself thinking, “Ok, then. It is over. Kill me!” the bear ran away to play.

Tara, says Michael Place in the book with the deck, recommends that we meditate on the impermanence of life, as a cure to self-centered action. I relate the action of surrender to the suggestion of meditating on the impermanence of life. Now I remember also that yesterday, before my dream, had reworked a part of the lesson of the Death card. I searched for a Vanitas painting on Google, and read again the Buddhist meditation on the decay of a body which is part of the lesson. 


Pulling this card accentuates the importance of my dream with its theme of surrender with its accent on the impermanence of life.                            
Tags: dream, queen of cups, the buddha tarot

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