ladyofthemoor (ladyofthemoor) wrote,

Ash Wednesday

My card for Ash Wednesday is inspired by a poem.

Ashes and Penance 


from keeping on trying
to get a spark from two stones

-streaky black
From relighting a candle
That keeps going out

-soft white
from a fire that burned down to its heart
and kept everyone warm

these are ashes worth wearing


for self-absorption
-many hours in the company of three-years-olds

for carelessness
-a year’s close study of an elder tree

for injustice
-giving thanks for the rain and the sun
That fall on you anyway

for pride
-learning to see the funny side
of your coals of fire.
Kathy Galloway, from Eggs and Ashes, Wild Goose Publications 

Since I already dived in a sin today, the theme for my card is not derived from second part of the poem about penance, but from the first part. I’ve chosen the first sentence: “…powdery grey from keeping on trying to get a spark from two stones…” The subject is: “What I have tried, and tried and tried again.” I used the Voyager Tarot and I have picked the Sensor (Woman of Wands). 


Many symbols on the card depict sensing, the headdress, the cat and the feathers for instance. I sensed the interpretation of cards, people and groups, using my brains and my sensitivity day after day. There is a great freedom in this card, pictured by the dancing woman in the middle.  The challenge in the card is being or feeling free while sensing a lot of things. That is what I have tried, again and again.
Tags: lent 2008, poem, queen of wands, voyager tarot

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