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Lady Susan and the Green Knight

Summing up the two times in a row I pulled the Devil, also taking in account the comments I received here and oral. Lady Susan, from the Jane Austen Tarot is the card I pulled with the question what I can renew during this moon cycle.     

Lady Susan is a scheming, manipulating woman. She almost strangles her daughter on the card. I need to be on the look-out if the balance of power is more or less equal between me and my daughter (and between me and others around me), and that the communication canals are open. This holds the same for and between me and others in my life. The card also denotes an inner conflict: between the career-woman in me and the little vulnerable child. I need to look for ways not to strangle that little me.

The second day, yesterday I pulled the Green Knight, a giant, who is a challenger in the Celtic tradition


The Green Knight lets himself behead, but promises to return after a year and a day in order to behead the person who did it to him. Since he puts his head back on his head again after he is beheaded he can easily fulfill his promise. Many adventures of Gawain -a knight of the Round Table- circle around this Green Knight. The challenge is testing, being tested. The Green Knight was the name Jesus gave me. That must sound strange. I picked the card alongside a story in John in which Simon, one of the disciples, gets another name from Jesus (namely Peter). This card has several layers in stock for me. I challenge people in my work as a tarot counselor, in that way I am the Green Knight, a challenger. A less nice layer is that I am too harsh, I set my standards too high. In that I challenge others, and I challenge myself. That is hard. I found a third layer, but I am not sure if that one rings true, I need to think about that a bit more. I wonder if my attitude in life is “being challenged”: being tested and tried by fate, by limitations, circumstances. That is not a really relaxed view of life. That is all there is at this moment about these cards. Tomorrow maybe another one.  
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