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Dancing the Limbo

I danced the limbo today, so I wondered what sort of baroque Bohemian cat would come up, as an answer to the question: "Who am I today?"

I did not expect to see this cat  (the 7 of Swords cat), but on second thought... 


One of the meanings of this card is 'sneakiness'. The cat sneaks away, as if he stole the swords. I had so many different things to do today, that it felt as if I had to do them in a 'sneaky'  way, too quickly; I had to steal the time.

There is more. There is a bird at the cat's back. The cat does not see the bird; he walks away from it. That's sad, because cats catch birds. This cat is going at the wrong direction. That was often my feeling today. I was just as if I was at the wrong place all the time. I did my mail, but I had to clean the attic. I cleaned the attic, but I had to stop to work with my friend on the Major Arcana lessons, that is very important (she types them, they are going to look really nice). We worked intense, but had to stop to eat (well it was around five..., but we did not like to stop).

There was one moment today in which I caught that bird, one moment when I was at the right time and the right place: that was when I danced the limbo, in the middle of the woods, together with friends and neighbors.
Tags: baroque bohemian cats' tarot, seven of swords

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