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Thursday, First Week of Lent

I did not understand the card that I pulled yesterday. Inspired by a well-known and much used sentence from a passage of the Gospel of John, John 3:17: “For God didn’t send his Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world should be saved through him”, I asked the question “How can I be saved?” The card that I had drawn as an answer was Nine of Wands from the Llewellyn Tarot. I did not understand this card. Yesterday I participated in a meditation in our Tarot and Dreams group and this card came up in my head. It did not help, it just depressed me immensely. 


Looking at the card again right now, I must say it is at least a very interesting card to receive as an answer to this question. In the passage itself the question is answered by “through him”, meaning: I can be saved through Jesus, through his deeds and words, life, suffering and resurrection. The wounded man on the card could be seen as representing Jesus. It is funny, he is even wearing the orange clothes of a monk and the harness of a soldier. If I seen him as Jesus and if I see him as an example, and when I put myself in the place of the harnessed and wounded monk, I think it means that I should accept my wounds and my situation as it is (monk), but at the same time I should be ready to fight, and not give up hope (soldier). 

Gee, that took me more than a day.          
Tags: lent 2008, llewellyn tarot, nine of wands

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