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Second Sunday in Lent

On this second Sunday in Lent I have read the parable Jesus tells about a farmer who went out to saw. Some seed falls in rocky ground and does not grow, other seed is eaten by birds and some of it falls in good ground and yields fruit. My question is “Which of my seed falls in good ground and gives fruit?”

I have pulled the World from the Secret Forest Tarot. 


To me pleasure is good ground in which my seeds grow and flourish. All the things that give me pleasure bear fruit and they relax my muscles, and the rest of me. The red flower on which the butterfly is standing represents pleasure to me.  There lurks a danger here, that is the danger of passion. That danger laid in wait in my entry of yesterday too, although I did not write that down. When I explore the new born out of loss as in my entry yesterday, or do things with pleasure I inevitably run the risk of getting passionate about them. Then the relaxation reverses in impatience or frustration. The circle of green plants around the butterfly on the card that is smaller than her wings, tells me ‘good ground’ must limit me, but of course the only one that can do this is me and my shadow. 
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