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The Veil of Veronica

I am feeling happier today. My arms were hurting yesterday. This morning I searched for images on the web for my website about Lent. I needed a picture for a page with links to the daily meditations for Lent. The gruesome images I found made me smile. The realization that I could look through them do it without haste, which is better for my arms, lifted me up. I was really happy with this one. 


I like the dynamic of the painting, I like the face of the woman, and I like it that she is from India. Only the feet are… yes well… I do not know, at least strange. I showed it to my husband and to my friend Lidy who came here to prepare our Tarot and Dreams course. My husband thought it was cartoonish, and for Lidy it was ‘too much’. Two people who did not like it was the limit for me; I will not use it. 

I found another one, a statute of St. Veronica holding up an woolen, embroidered veil with the face of Christ. 


I like the expression on the face of woman on the statute and there is not a big accent on the suffering of Jesus. The statue has a ‘home-made’ flavor. That makes it accessible, as accessible as I hope the daily meditations with the cards and the passages of the bible are.

So, that is the one I chose. 
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