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The Naardense Bible

I have been to La Verna in Amsterdam again to teach Psalm 119, the course about the spiritual way. Psalm 119 is a alphabet psalm. Each stanza starts with a Hebrew letter Someone had a translation in which it each stanza begins with a new letter, the Dutch equivalent (de Naardense bijbel). That is so great! I can use it for the next seven steps. It will give the Hebrew letters more body. 

This afternoon happened what I am always afraid of in this course. I forgot to read the psalm before we started doing the spread. Each step in the course is based on a Hebrew letter, a Major Arcane card and a stanza of the psalm. Before I know it the psalm looses out. Someone reminded me, so we did read the stanza we worked with, and immediately the atmosphere changed. When we read it again at the very end, after we shared our prayers and wishes and sang peace to each other, it was even more impressive to hear its words again. 
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