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Tuesday, Third Week in Lent

Alongside a passage in John were Jesus talks that he goes to a place were he is not to be find, I asked the question: “Where can I find Jesus?” Last year I asked another question inspired by this passage: “Where is Jesus that I cannot come there (a place, a state of being)? This year I wanted to ask more ‘positive’ questions, an therefore I asked 'where I can find Jesus'. But since the passage speaks about a place where he cannot be find, the card must represent a place where I cannot come. So I still cannot answer this in a positive way, but maybe others who these readings (they are on my website) will see this differently and find more positive answers. But I must say, I have made a decision encouraged by pulling this card... I have pulled King of Swords from the Fey Tarot. 


Pulling this card I realized that I have the image of Jesus as ‘peacemaker’ in my mind. Imagining Jesus with an iron fist is slightly odd for me. But here he is, and Jesus does have this side in the gospels. He is here at an airy place. The wind blows his hair and scarf away and there are leafs swirling around him. In the place were he is, he is not doubting, hesitating and worrying -like me ever so often- but he is decisive (fist, sword), stands for what he finds and thinks, and what he is going to achieve. The autumn leaves are foreboding his death.

The card is related to this entry, also about 'cutting'.
Tags: fey tarot, king of swords, lent 2008

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