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Ruled by Cards

My life is ruled by cards. My daughter Lauren was lying on the sofa again with a blanket, not feeling well, and immediately the King of Swords popped in my head, the card that I pulled yesterday. 


I saw this King with his iron fist and his decisive attitude and I thought: “I am going to call the doctor.” But my daughter said: “No, I do not want you to call.” Immediately another card popped into my head: the Devil from the Jane Austen Tarot, the card that I pulled as the card for Rosh Chodesh, telling me what to renew in this moon cycle. The card shows a woman gripping her daughter really tight. 


I did not call. Either way, I am ruled by cards.         
Tags: devil, king of swords, lauren, lent 2008, rosh chodesh, tarot of jane austen

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