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Tuesday, Third Week in Lent

The passage of today is about rivers of flowing water that flow from the heart of people who believe. My question about this passage was: Where do my rivers of flowing water flow too?

Today a package arrived, and in it was the Tarot of the Crone. I used is to answer this question – the first card from the deck. I pulled Eight of Wands, called 'Leadership' as the card that shows where my rivers of flowing water go to. 


I read the description of the card (I had downloaded it from the website of this tarot, there is not booklet). I was so surprised that I bowed over and read it again. One person on the card holds a flower and she looks compassionate and weary. The flower represents gifts and qualities that she has acquired during time, and her unique self. She shares it all, what she knows, and who she is. The responsibility to share makes her weary, but she must, because it is a privilege.

I am not used to think this way about myself, hence my surprise. It is great to have pulled this card. It can help me in my work to think about myself this way. My rivers of flowing water, my qualities and myself, flow to others.       
Tags: eight of wands, lent 2008, tarot of the crone

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