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I am used to write an entry almost every day, but not now. Yesterday I did not feel all too well. Today I had to finish the lesson on the Devil, had to work for my website (a new responsibility) for the angel of March and for the next week in Lent. I went to the movies and saw a tv film with my daughter. Tomorrow we'll go for a short holiday. Better blog moments after that hopefully.

This is the photo (not mine) on the page called "Actual" with links. 


Yesterday I enjoyed my Tarot of the Crone. I looked through a few of the cards and read the words with them. Both are special. The cards are simple, yet strong, the text is written emphatically, adresses the feeling side. The deck differs from other decks. I hope I will go on liking it. 
Tags: devil, lent 2008, tarot of the crone

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