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Yom Kippur Katan

It is Yom Kippur Katan today, the day before the new moon. In the Kabalistic tradition this is a day of atonement. I skip this. In the train towards Amsterdam I read Christine Kenner’s book on journaling and the Celtic Cross. In the chapter about “What crosses you” she warns not to use the journal to put yourself down. I need to be on the lookout for this. The rest of the trip I have thought about all the good moments this week, the profound moments in readings and the funny things I experienced in my classes.
Ah well…this is atonement already. I will not pull a card for my biggest sin this month. This is sin enough. I end with a prayer like I always do on Yom Kippur Katan.
Please help me!
I do not want to beat myself up.
Help me to see the good things that I do
and the good things that I experience.
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