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It is Rosh Chodesh today, but I almost collapse now, no energy to pull a card. Thursday evening I taught a class, and I did the same on Friday in Amsterdam. On coming back from Amsterdam at seven in the evening I got on immediately on my bike to see my daughter performing on stage with her friends and early this Saturday morning I took the bus to Groningen for a day workshop on Psalms and Tarot, and again got on my bike on coming back the groceries for the weekend.

The workshop on Psalms and Tarot today was a wonderful experience. The group –most of them with no experience in tarot- read very independently and cheerful, while some faced difficult situations. We did a spread about the famous Psalm 23, The Lord is my Shepherd. Someone pulled Ten of Swords as the staff that guided her trough the valley of death. She looked at it, and she looked at it a bit more and she said: That is my optimism. I can be optimistic in extremely difficult circumstances”. Another pulled Eight of Swords as how God anointed her. She said: “God anoints me with/through being open for liberation”. One person draw Five of Cups in the same position. Since she pulled Judgment as the rod to guide her in the valley of death she said that God anointed her by letting her start over, and by helping her not attach too much to material things. I pulled Five of Cups this week, so I liked it that it was pulled and interpreted by someone else. Two persons pulled Seven of Wands, also a card that I pulled this week. It meant for both of them defending themselves by being firm and even angry in standing up for their rights.

We ended with a spread about Psalm 131 about the soul lying restful in the arms of his mother. As last spread it was meant to be restful, but for some difficult mother-images came up. It did not matter really, it stimulated to find a way to be a mother for themselves.

I found a way to tie the spread more closely to the psalm by asking them while sharing to start their sentences with: “My staff is….”, “God anoints me by…”. As always we started and ended the spread by reading the psalm, each a verse. The psalms sound differently after having done a spread about them. Sometimes the verses people read aloud had something to say for them in their situations.

Tomorrow I’ll wash the cups I used on Thursday, I’ll put the pencils away I used on Friday and the decks that were used today.

Tomorrow I hope to decorate an Easter candle with the High Priestess on it. 
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