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Rosh Chodesh March, Adar Sheni

I am a day late for Rosh Chodesh. No time and energy earlier. This is the Jewish celebration of the new month. It starts when the first silver line of the new moon can be seen in the sky. Theme of this festival is renewal and hope. Just as the moon, the Sjechina, Gods femine dwelling in our world, can renew itself each month, we can renew ourselves. Theme of last month, the month Adar, was joy. For almost the whole month I thought this theme was not fitting for me. But last week, noticing how little I write down about my joy and pleasures, and how I focus to much on sad things and let my inner critic speak, I recognized how this theme played a role in my life.

My card for last month, pulled with the question “What to renew?”, was the Devil from the Jane Austen Tarot. 


I have focused on the bond with my daughter, and have been on the look-out not to dominate her, keeping an open communication. Furthermore I met the Devil as my inner critic and in the last week I have gotten a chance to renew this, by pulling the Five of Cups from the Sacred Rose Tarot. It was an answer to the question: "In which appearance comes Jesus towards me?", That question was ispired by the story about the disciples who are saved by Jesus who walked towards them over the water, on which they were sailing while it was heavy weather. 


On the card two cups are empty, and two cups are emptied. one of these cups is emptied in another, so the water is contained (as on the Temperance card). From the cup in which the water flows grows a rose. As I see it now, including the Temperance card in my interpretation (which is my Inner Teacher card), Jesus shows me to focus not solely on the loss, but to temper that with focusing on other pleasures. I found it difficult to see that because Jesus comes here in the embodiment of loss (five, crises).

The name of the month that is now starting is Adar again, Adar Sheni, and again the theme of the month is joy. The coming month has femininity is woven into it, because the holiday Purim is celebrated. Esther, a woman who bravely saved the Jewish people is the main character of this festival.

The card that I have pulled with the question: “What can I renew this month?” is the Knight of Quills (Swords) from the Jane Austen Tarot.  


The figure on the card is Frank Churchill and comes from the book Emma. Frank Churchill is clever, very good with words, but sometimes used in a negative way, hurting and manipulating. The knight of Swords takes action, often fast action. I need to be careful with the words I speak (also to myself) and I will remember that I should take action in time (quickly and decisive) when it is called for.    
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