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In my last entry I asked the question what the innocence of my soul looked liked. The card I pulled was 4 of cups, depicted in the Golden Tarot of the Tsar (the deck I used) as Elia on the mount Horeb, waiting for God. My answer was back then that the innocence of my soul is longing for God. It sits and waits till God arrives.

During my holiday -I was on vacation the past five days- I thought a lot about that answer, and wondered why the innocence of my soul was waiting, more to the point: why it was so disappointed and bored.

High up the river Mosel in Germany where I stayed, I pulled a card from the Arthurian Tarot to help me answer this question. I received "Geneviere", who represents the Empress. 


To me this card right now means creativity, an output of energy, and producing. I am so busy being creative, and producing, that I am lacking on the receptive side. I do not mean that creativity or producing is a bad thing, not at all, but maybe in my case, it would do me, and my soul, good if it was balanced out with some more receptivity and stillness.

I pulled a second card with the question "what to do about this". I picked "The White Hart", the card that represents The Lovers in this deck. 


As always, one card is enough. This card shows again, in fact like the first one in my first entry about this theme, the 4 of Cups, that there is something presented to me. Just as the cup is presented to Elia, God is presented to me, but I do not see it. On The White Hart, the woman, the receptive one at this card, does see it (the white deer). The man, the active one, does not see it. So, this card emphasizes God, or the Goddess, is there for me to see, if I am open for it.

Well,  this insights are nourishing my soul. 

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