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Station 8, Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem

At Station Eight of the Way of the Cross Jesus meets women of Jerusalem who weep for him. My question at this Station is: Who weeps for the cross I bear? 


This is a station at which comfort again is a theme, just as it was at Station Six. Again my card came from the Tarot of Jane Austen (I’ve drawn the title of the deck to use at random), just as at Station Six. It is Six of Candlesticks (Wands). It is difficult the interpret this card because it is a card of victory, not one of empathy or sadness or even acceptance. I am not having a good grip on it, it is incoherent what I am writing about it. 


On meeting the women of Jerusalem Jesus turns himself to them and says: “Women of Jerusalem, don’t cry for me, but for yourselves and for your children.” The card shows Fitzwilliam Darcy and Charles Bingley in the background racing in triumph along a manor where their future brides are standing in a window. I think in a way Jesus is depicted here, walking past the woman of Jerusalem. Jesus at this stage of his life accepts his purpose – before, in the garden of Bethsedah and later on, at the cross, he is in agony, but not here. Here he is in a sense as victorious as Darcy is here. In my imagination Jesus (as Darcy) turns himself to me -as he did to the women of Jerusalem- to where I sit on the Three of Swords (Station 7), pinned down by my life-purpose, in rags and sad. He says then: “Do not cry for me, cry for yourself, for the cross you bear. I have done that in the Garden of Bethsedah, you need it, it helps”.

There is more. The number six comes after the five. The struggles from the five cards lead to triumph in the sixes. Darcy on the Six of Candlesticks has grown from the challenges he has experienced earlier. There is no weeping on this card, but there is comfort in knowing that the challenges, the fives that I have pulled and the Three of Swords, somewhere result in triumph and growth. For Darcy the growth and triumph is that he became more humble, less arrogant. There are lurking lots of dangers in humility, but it is a valuable instrument in accepting and live with ones' cross and life-purpose. 
Tags: lent 2008, six of wands, stations of the cross, tarot of jane austen

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