ladyofthemoor (ladyofthemoor) wrote,

Jesus is Stripped from his Clothes

I come now at the Tenth Station. At this station Jesus is arrived at Golgotha and is stripped from his clothes. 


Stripped from his clothes, his dignity cannot not be taken away from him. My question is: What is the one thing that cannot be taken from me? I have pulled the Queen of Pentacles from the Gendron Tarot. 


The queen on this card is standing in a beautiful tended garden with fountains, in a confined space. Before her are basket with eggs, symbols of fertility. I think –and I sincerely hope, because I am not so sure of it– that the one thing that cannot be taken from me is my ability to have pleasure in little things around me that I create for myself. 
Tags: gendron tarot, lent 2008, queen of pentacles, stations of the cross
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