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Station 11, Jesus is Nailed to the Cross

At the Eleventh Station Jesus is nailed to the cross. Moments before that happens Jesus asks God to forgive the people who do this. He speaks the words: “Father forgive them, they do not know what they are doing.” My  question is: What do I need to forgive? 


The card that I have received is Temperance from the Llewellyn Tarot, called Keeper of the Well. This card is based on a Welsh legend. A man whose task it is to tend the barrier between see and land is a drunk and does not do what he must do. One day, drunk again, he violates the girl whose task it is to guard a sacred well. The waters of the well become angry and flood land and people. Themes in the are violation of boundaries and pureness, intoxication and behaving irresponsible. The story corresponds with the station in the sense that both the and Jesus' physical boundaries are violated. In both stories nature reacts. In the legend the water of the well becomes a flood after the girl is violated and in the passion story it gets dark and the ground trembles at the moment Jesus dies. 


Temperance is my Inner Teacher card. It is my lesson to temper and to keep healthy boundaries. Since this is difficult for me I need to forgive myself for making the same mistakes over and over again in transgressing these boundaries. 
Tags: lent 2008, llewellyn tarot, stations of the cross, temperance
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