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Rain and Storm on Psychic Fair

I'm sitting here for dead. I have participated in a psychic fair today which was held outside, and it rained and stormed, and it rained again, then came a bit of sun, but then again it stormed. I was lucky -very, very lucky- to have a place in a tent. In there was mud, and a running stream of water from one side of the tent through under my table to the other side of the tent, but at least I had a place inside.

Most people were outside in market-stalls with no backsides (I do not why these lacked, the weather-forecast was really, really, bad). Even the New Age bookstore had its place outside. The fire-brigade had not allowed it inside in the hall of the farmhouse on the terrain. The owner did not even unpack his boxes, but went home immediatly; the books would have been ruined. In the afternoon the wind blew so fierce the organization decided to clear a part of the fair which was on an open meadow. A piece from a market-stall had come down on some-body's shoulder, due to the wind.

Despite the weather I had a great time, lots of fun reading. The more fun, the more serious; it works for me that way, oddly.

I went to the fair together with a friend whom I did not see all summer. It was wonderful to see her again, and to be together in all this.

Now I am dead tired.

The fair was "Fryslàn Natuurlijk Anders". Their website is: Last week their homepage did not work, but hopefully they will have fixed it soon.

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