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Easter Candles

In each church is an Easter candle. Each year a new candle is lit for the first time or brought inside, during the Easter service. The candle represents the resurrection and the promise of it. It is lit in each service.

These Easter candles were made by older children in church. These candle are for homes. When there is a picture of the cross on it on the big Easter candles, the nails of the cross are pins with francensence on top. On these little home candles francinsence grains are used, pushed into the wax. Pins would be too big for them. Thinking that up was my only contribution to this project except for lending my bike, for transporting the forty candles. I have big sidebags on my bike.

Making candles at home

Candle from Lauren  and my Easter candle
Tags: lauren, lent 2008

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