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Station Fifteen, Resurrection

It is Easter. I had wanted to use the Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg for my card today because these cards remind of painted Easter eggs, but I forgot all about that, and just pulled a title of a deck to use from the usual my bunch of titles I have used for my readings this Lent. To my surprise I pulled the Tarot of Saints again, just like yesterday. 


At Station 15 – which is not strictly part of the Way of the Cross - Jesus his grave is found empty. On the picture here we see a donkey standing at the big stone that closed the grave (on the left), but now is rolled away. On the stone sits an angel, and in the tomb are two other angels, suggesting that Jesus is risen from the dead. My question is: What is the promise of the resurrection for me? I have received Five of Staffs (Wands) as an answer, again a five. 


I have pulled many fives during this Way of the Cross: the Hierophant, and Five of Crystals (Swords) from the Voyager Tarot, Five of Candlesticks (Wands) from the Jane Austen Tarot; Temperance (14:1+4=5) from the Llewellyn Tarot, and although not as part of the Cross, but drawn while walking it: Temperance as St. Benedict from the Tarot of Saints. But now the Five of Staffs.

The card depicts five staffs and a hand with stigmata. Stigmata are the five wounds of Jesus, inflicted by the nails of the cross. What do stigmata symbolize? They refer to the suffering of Christ, and to the love, his integrity, the patience and the compassion he showed to our world. They show also that our suffering makes us able to feel and sympathize with others who suffer. What do hands symbolize? Among many things, With our hands we manifest our world. We can use them to kill and we can use them to caress. Now I know these two things, what then is the promise of the resurrection for me? The promise is that I am able to manifest integrity, love, patience and compassion, all what the Lamb stand stands for too (yesterday's card). 
Tags: five of wands, lent 2008, tarot of saints
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