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The beginning of the Autumn, the beginning of September, took me by surprise. The schools started today, everybody is back from their summer-holiday, and last but not least, some leaves seem to be colored already. Summer is over, and I do not like it.

In order to adjust myself to the new season I'll put a question about the Autumn to the cards.

I choose a question about the 'autumn-storms' for today, for I was terribly shaken by the storm at the psychic fair I was yesterday, and in Holland storms belong to the Autumn.

Storm can mean upheaval, being uprooted, chaos and sudden changes. Storms are able to clear away old stuffy things, but also precious valuable ones. A storm can clear the head, or can bring chaos to it. Being in a storm can be a challenge for one's feeling of safety, or an exciting adventure. Yesterday I felt unsafe, insignificant and vulnerable in the face of the storm. In the night that followed, I slept lightly and kept seeing the images of mud, empty, wet market-stands, and blowing plastic sails, that people used to protect themselves from the wind.

Many questions are possible about this storm-theme: "What does storm mean to me?"; "What is the role of storm in my life?"; "What is stuffy, and must be cleared away?" "What precious things, values or feelings are in danger in a storm?";"What needs to be upheaveled in my life?" "Why am I afraid of the storm?"  I choose this question: "What does storm mean to me"? 

I pulled Sword Eight, from the Arthurian Tarot . Eight of Swords means stagnation, circling around in the same old thought-patterns. The picture on the card shows me that I have once decided to stay put with that sword in the ground, allthough I do not like the place; it is saying I am repeating my behavior over and over.

What does this card tell me over the meaning of storm in my life? I do not like storms. Once there fell a tree on our tent during a hurricane while we were inside it; storms shake my basic-security. But, I keep repeating old thought- and behavior-patterns for ever, so sadly enough I need storms to wake and shake me up, in order to start going in a different direction. In my life storm means that I am able to clear my head. Old thought-patterns are blown away, and things are not as they were before.

My attitude to the storm yesterday, feeling insignificant and vulnarable, explains why it is so hard for me to change direction, to do things differently. I feel unsafe then, unprotected.

The storm yesterday blew the summer away (the already stagnant summer, although I did not wanted to know that; I did stay put) and made me aware that Autumn begins.
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