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In a second hand bookshop in Hilversum where I had to spend some time last Saturday because my daughter had a choir rehearsal there, I have found the book “Living with It Daily. Meditations for People with Chronic Pain”, by Patricia D. Nielsen. I like this book. It is down to earth, honors little things, and does not set the aim too high. My question for today is inspired by the entry of April 8. Friends reflect something of ourselves, our goodness or what we are and strife to be. Today I have asked: What is my goodness that is reflected in my friends? I have receive the Actor, the Man of Wands from the Voyager Tarot. 


There are many masks on this card and many different figures. The card shows our ability to act in many different ways and to be many different persons. The card says to me that my friends help me in accepting a parts of my self, all the way, all the different aspects of my being, the good, the bad and the ugly. That is a good thing, to be more accepting.   
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