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In a poem Magtild of Magdburg writes:

Each creature God made
must live in its own nature.
How could I resist my nature
that lives for oneness with God?

Today I wondered, what is my nature that it lives for oneness with God? 


Drawing the card I felt resistance: “My nature living for oneness with God? Me? Oh no!” But it proved neat to connect with my nature that longs for that. The card I received is the Child of Wands from the Voyager Tarot, titled the ‘Seeker’. This child seeks truth and knowledge of ‘all there is’ in a physical way, by using her senses of smell, taste and touch. She is in awe of the world and its mysteries and want to grasp meaning of it all, yet unveiling these mysteries would be so disappointing, because then there is no mystery anymore. This child is also the journeyman at the back, the one at the background, investigating and journeying through life She is also the wolf using his instinct to sniff things out, and the little mouse and the yogi and the monks and the deer. Of course this is all me I am talking about, my nature, living for oneness with God and by that, connected with all beings. 
Tags: mystical question, page of wands, poem, voyager tarot

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