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A Proud Mother (and Wife)

The logistics of the past week and the following are awesome. My daughters’ choir sings in a project of the Concertgebouw Orchestra, “Scenes of Faust”, under the direction of Nikaulas Harnoncourt, a famous director, who was the first one whose orchestra played on authentic instruments. My daughter has to travel to Amsterdam quite often these weeks where these concerts are held. She is eleven, too young to travel on her own at night, so a parent must accompany her and other children from the north where we live. We have divided the trips among the parents, but it is still very much for everyone. Tomorrow they go to Brussels in Belgium, a long drive, and they do not stay there overnight. We have to fetch her when she comes back, and she will in bed at two o’clock at night or something (and we as well). But well, no complaints. My daughter is an only child and has lots of fun with the other children, learns discipline, she likes to perform and gets the chance to work with talented people.

On Thursday there was the general rehearsal of the concert. It was open to the 'Friends of the Concertgebouw' and to us parents of the children’s choir, and I was the lucky one to take her there, so I have heard it. At one moment Harnoncourt, 78 years old, jumped while directing. That was wonderful to see, he is so old and still able to jump, wanting to show what he wanted to hear from the orchestra. The Matthaus Passion gripped me in the stomach, but this was moving as well. Again I was surprised about that. The wonderful musicians and the special acoustics of the building do make a difference. I was proud of the children’s choir that represented the unborn children in the piece, they sang very well, clear as crystal.

On the way back in the tram we had a little talk with one of the musicians –who hurried to the train just as we did- and with a couple whose daughter played the harp in the orchestra. The musician told us it was a strange and complicated piece to play and that Schumann did not end well…he became mad. The mother of the harpist was enthusiast about the project and had liked it to hear her daughter play. Having had a shared experience makes that you suddenly form a little family for a few minutes during a tram ride.

For me no complicated logistics today. I am going to listen to the radio. Both of my family members are on. Lauren’s concert is broadcasted, and my husband appears in a program about faith and culture at the end of the afternoon. I will be proud all afternoon.
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