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A lot of Wands

For the second time this week my Card of the Day is 10 of wands. You can see the 10 of wands on the site of the artist:

A man carries a heavy load on his back on that card. His load contains all the not-yet-burned-up wands from the suit: the plans, the inspirations, and the many, many to-do-lists.

I have planned several new courses next year, and now, in summer, it is the time to prepare them. It's great. It really is. But it's also much.

I can see the end though. Tonight I will put my last dream-work-with-tarot-exercises in an envelope. My co-teacher will hopefully type them up (she will like them, but she is very very busy).

Last night was a late night. I watched a very long and lively debate in our parliament about Hirschi Ali. Today is a big day for our country, our government is send home.
Tags: gilded tarot, ten of wands

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