ladyofthemoor (ladyofthemoor) wrote,

Psalm 119, Strength in the Middle

I am currently working on the next course of seven cards/letters/stanza’s from Psalm 119. The cards are from Strength to Temperance. Last week during a train ride I decided to follow the tradition of putting Strength at the eleventh place and Justice on eight. Corinne Heline does it and it is her book that inspired this course. Still, I was surprised about my decision, I like the balance of Justice in the middle, and I am very used to it. I cannot remember the reasons really well, but Strength fitted better in the middle somehow. I like having Strength in the middle of the Major Arcane for this course because its theme is important in religion. Following Pollack I see the middle cards of each level of 7 cards as challenge-cards, so this card needs to be a challenge. I want to do something with the theme of humbleness (woman) and greatness (lion). Often religion stresses humbleness, although in my view both are important. But I am not sure yet, why is it the woman that I see as the humble one, and does it grasp the card really? Need to think this more through.
Tags: psalm 119, strength

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