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Gospel of Thomas, Logion 1, My Immortality

Today I went back to the first logion of the Gospel of Thomas to ask the same question, but now applied to me. (1) And he said: “Whoever finds the interpretation of theses sayings will not experience death.” The question I asked is: What does it mean to me not to experience death when find the interpretation of these sayings?  

I have pulled the High Priestess from the Tarot of White Cats. 


One of the elements that differs from the RWS version of the card is that the words TORA are very visible for me, the words are written in my direction, the one who looks at the card. In the RWS version, the words are directed to the High Priestess, showing that the scroll is hers and that she reads it. Here the role is thrown at my eyes, so to speak. I think therefore that interpreting the logia of Thomas will bring me in contact with the secrets and liberating words of the Torah. But there is more. This High Priestess is a firm one, with her red robe as if she were the Magician, and her blue, serious eyes. It will give me more confidence on my spiritual road. All this on top of the wisdom and the hidden knowledge (the Daath in the Tree of life on the curtain), and the promise of fertility the High Priestess gives.

In one sentence, how do I not experience death? Finding the interpretation of these words will give me confidence in going my spiritual road, and I will grow in wisdom, and I will live in the promise of fertility. Yes, well…if I find them. 
Tags: gospel of thomas, high priestess, tarot of white cats

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