June 30th, 2006

dancing around a tree by anandi


Today I ate baklava and sweet spinache-cake. The dough was made by Turkish women, sitting on lthe ground before low tables in a tent. They sat there as if they sat there every day.

Holland always has been a tolerant country for forgeigners. But right now the atmosphere has hardened. The word for foreigners is: assimilate, adapt to the dominant Dutch culture.

And here these women were, being very Turkish. It was at an intercultural market in the centre of our village. Probably Heerenveen is the only place in Holland such markets are still held, my husband remarked, elsewhere they seem out of fashion.

Often I want to move to the center of the country, but today, for the second time this week, I feel very rich and content living here. My Card of the Day, 4 of Wands from the Gilded Tarot, one thing to be and one thing to do, reflects that.