July 11th, 2006

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

My Soul

I started the day with sore muscles.

I worked on an assignment for the church. I must write a paper about the enneagram and astrology. It has to be personal.

This card, the Six of Swords of the Golden Tarot by Kat Black, is my Card of the Day. It stood in a standard on my desktop. 


I met my shadow-side (again) today in my work for that paper: my anger, hooked up with my longing for perfection. This characterizes exactly my type in the enneagram (number one).

Now and then I saw myself on that card, cradling my soul in my arms, in order to take it safely to the other side. Maria with her baby helped me to look at myself with a bit of empathy.

My soul is vulnerable, and pure, and yes, angry.

At the background fishermen bring in their nets. It reminds me of the "Incredible Catch of Fish" in the Bible. I finished my first draft today. I carried my soul to the other side of the day and safely into the paper. Some harvest! Cannot ask for more!